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3D Microblading & Eyelash Services

3D Feather Brows / Corrective Cosmetics BY BROWOW
Micro pigmentation also known as permanent makeup is a procedure applying pigment into the dermal layer of skin. Cosmetic tattooing can offer subtle enhancements to lip liner, lip color, upper and lower eyeliners and eyebrows. Pigments are made of minerals and iron oxide base colorants.
In addition to aesthetic enhancements and definition, cosmetic tattooing has many other benefits. It can be performed for camouflage therapy to restore scarring. For example: nipple restoration, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation and hairline.

We are proud to offer these services from our trained and qualified micro-pigmentation technician. Prices vary for each face and body part. Call us today for your free quote.
3D Feather Brows are taking the celebrity world by storm. It is a new technique in the art of permanent natural looking eyebrows. The eyebrows are shaped and tattooed using an ultra fine tool to give the effect of a 100% natural look. It is done by free hand with our international based micro pigmentation artist Crista Nicole.
The cost is $500 which includes a free touch up and the tattoo lasts 1-3 years. Call us today for your complimentary consultation.

Eyelash Extensions/Lash Lift
Eyelash Extensions is a method used to enhance your natural look using Mink eyelash extensions. A unique aspect of the Mink lashes, as opposed to silk or other synthetic options, is that they are fine and lightweight enough to attach multiple extensions per lash. Each of the individual extensions is dipped in glue, and then attached to your lashes one by one.
We are pleased to offer a variety of lengths and thickness from our certified technician. The cost for a full set of Mink lashes are from $120 – $160, 3D Russian Volume $220.
Lash Lift treatments are performed for anyone who has long but straight eyelashes and who just can’t seem to get the lift to hold. It’s an easy method of using your own lashes. The eyelashes are tinted and lifted. The treatment cost is $85 and lasts 8 weeks.