Bela Md Skin Platform

The next level of microdermabrasion with BELA MD

Bela MD is the latest innovation to elevate your treatment to a whole new level of cleaner, brighter, clearer skin!

What is Bela MD?

Bela MD is a serum-infused diamond microdermabrasion system that provides 8 essential steps to glowy, clearer skin. This amazing facial is more than your everyday facial, as it combines medical-grade microdermabrasion, infusion, and extraction, using the latest skincare technology.

Bela MD works to target not only the surface of your skin, but provides stimulation below the surface to optimize results. What makes Bela MD different from a regular facial, is the unique technology that elevates the treatment experience, and achieves long lasting results. Each Bela MD bio-infusion serum contains rich ingredients to target specific skin concerns. Throughout the treatment, your technician will create a customized plan to tailor to your needs by infusing client-specific serums, while cleansing and exfoliating deep into the skin.

What makes this treatment truly unique is the technology used to stimulate blood flow to the surface of the skin. This results in increased collagen production and elasticity, as well as muscle toning for a lifted youthful effect. Overall, by the use of this technology and infusion system, bela MD revitalizes and hydrates not only the surface of your skin, but also below. Bela MD provides you with immediate results, where your skin feels tighter, brighter, and well hydrated with no downtime!

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BELA MD+ has the flexibility to meet the needs of all patients with customizable treatment modalities:

  • Dry diamond microdermabrasion
  • Hydrogen water infusion
  • Ultrasonic cleanse and extraction
  • Neuromuscular stimulation
  • BELA MD serum infusion
  • Electroporation

This relaxing, non invasive treatment with no downtime is a great gateway service to introduce aesthetic medicine.

Who is a good candidate?

Patients who want clear skin, who wish to brighten and protect, treat pigment and calm and hydrate the skiin.

What is the cost of the procedure?

Customized package pricing for each indivudal patient will be discussed during consult. We understand that each patient is different and will have different treatment plans customized for them.

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The Bela MD serum treat skin concerns such as:

  • Premature and aging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne prone skin and congestion
  • Pigmentation, reduced tone and texture
  • Dry dehydrated skin

What serums does Bela MD use and how do they work?

The beauty of bela MD is that the treatments are tailored to your unique skin care needs with one of the four potent serum infusions.


Overall brightens appearance of the skin by evening skin tone, exfoliation, reducing aging spots and hyperpigmentation.


Replenish and restore skin barrier to reduce water loss and boost hydration of the skin, promote cellular growth and hyaluronic acid production to thicken epidermis/dermis for more youthful looking skin.


A water soluble vitamin C antioxidant serum to brighten uneven skin tone, and provides an anti-inflammatory effect from an agent extracted from white willow to protect the skin from free radicals, photo-aging, and chronic inflammation such as rosacea.


Pore clarifying penetrating deep into the skin to unclog pores and exfoliate, soothe inflamed skin, as well as reduce excess oil production by strengthening the skin with antimicrobial properties.

Aqua Handpiece with diamond tip

  • TMedical-grade exfoliation
  • Removes outermost layer of the skin encouraging skin cell turnover
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Allows better penetration of serums
  • Skin looks smoother and brighter

Hydrogen Therapy with H2 Module and Aqua tip

  • Hydrogen rich water is infused into the skin with the Aqua handpiece
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Boosts brightness and hydration

Ultrasonic skin scrubber

  • A metal spatula that oscillates via ultrasonic vibrations to loosen up the build up on the skin
  • Removes oil, dirt, cell debris from pores

Y handpiece

  • Uses 360 rotating massage balls and micro-current electrical neuromuscular stimulation technology
  • Helps stimulate muscle, tighten skin, and produce a lifting effect
  • Feels like a relaxing massage to boost circulation and toning


  • Activates ingredients by increasing permeability of the skin to increase the penetration of serums to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Once the current from the device is stopped the skin closes it’s permeability enclosing the serum deep into the skin.

How long is the facial and what is the cost of the procedure?

A Bela MD facial is approximately 45minutes to 60 minutes. You are welcome to have a single treatment or sign up for a package of 3-6 treatments. We recommend monthly treatments for maintenance and overall healthier appearance of the skin. For those with skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and acne, we suggest a series of treatments for optimal results.

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