Vaginal Rejuvenation

Ivy Laser Clinic specializes in women’s health with the leading technology in Gynaecology using the multi-application system Fotona ND:ER: YAG. Our Nurse Practitioner Susan Jomha is working alongside Gynaecology specialist Dr. Farid Hadi to give you the leading treatments in women’s health. Fotona lasers provide exceptional versatility – from gentle ablative to non-ablative thermal treatments. Safe, tested and proven solutions are available for a wide range of gynecological applications.

The Fotona is known for its ability to access difficult-to-reach areas. While performing treatments such as stress urinary incontinence a laser is inserted into the vagina in order to reach and target the specific area, which then begins to produce collagen in both the urethra and the vaginal wall. Some of the gynaecological treatments available will include Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, Laser Vulvar Rejuvenation, Laser Labiaplasty, Laser Vaginal Depigmentation, Stress Urinary Incontinence, and Pelvic Floor Improvement.

This treatment is performed in 2 sessions with minimal downtime. Our team of experts provide patients with an individualized treatment program to help restore and improve the vaginal area. Call us today to book your complimentary consultation with our health care professionals.

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Laser source: Non-Ablative Er:YAG 

Courtesy of: Fotona

The Benefits of Fotona Lasers in Gynecology Include:

  • Minimally invasive treatments
  • Controlled coagulation
  • Greater patient comfort, less downtime and quicker healing
  • A haemostatic effect with simultaneous disinfection
  • Many treatments do not require anesthesia
  • High-precision, tissue-selective treatments
  • Easy access to difficult to reach areas vaginal area. your complimentary consultation with our health care professionals.