Ivy Laser Clinic proudly offers Health Canada

Health Canada approved ‘Belkyra’ injections which are performed by our team of advanced nurse injectors. Belkyra is a permanent fat dissolving agent called Deoxycholic acid. This acid is naturally found in the body which aids in digestion and absorption of dietary fat. 

Belkyra permanently dissolves fat in the treated area and is the perfect solution for excess fat under the chin, enhancing your jawline and side profile!   

What are the benefits of this treatment?

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • Non-surgical fat reduction treatment
  • Targets specific fat pockets
  • Less invasive than surgery
  • Natural and safe
  • Mild to moderate downtime
  • if all you focus on is the fullness under your chin
  • you do not want to undergo surgery
  • you have exercised and kept a clean diet, but cannot get rid of the chin fat

How does Belkyra work?

The patented formula deoxycholic acid, which is manufactured by Allergan has permanent results. If you imagine a balloon full of water being popped, and all the water contents escape, the balloon no longer is capable of holding the water. Just like this example, the fat cell membrane (wall) is destroyed allowing the fat to be taken back up by the bloodstream and excreted out of the body. Hence, goodbye to your double chin without the double chin surgery- yay!

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What to expect?

  • Duration: approximately 15-20mins per area

  • Method: Multiple injections into the treated area

  • Side effects: Most people develop redness, swelling (turkey neck appearance is normal), soreness,  bruising, numbness. Try to schedule your appointment 4 weeks away from an important event.

  • Downtime: 4-8 weeks depending on your body’s response to the treatment


Sessions: recommended 1-3 sessions, 8 weeks apart. Dependent on volume of fat and how your body responds to belkyra.

Aftercare: avoid strenuous exercise and stay well hydrated, you may apply ice first 24h

Is it painful?

You may feel discomfort throughout the procedure as you may feel swelling, warmth, and redness to the treated area. To ensure your comfort is of the utmost importance during your procedure, we apply an ice pack to the area pre and post procedure.


When the fat is dissolved will my skin be tight?

Most patients will experience a bounce back effect, where the skin under the chin tightens. However, some patients may not respond to the high elastin levels that get released from the fat cell, so you may need to seek an alternative method such as lasers and/or PDO thread services we offer at the clinic. In some cases, surgery would be your best option and we have honestly moved patients towards a surgical route based on their needs.

One of our team of experts will begin the consultation process with you and set up a treatment plan to meet your needs and expectations.