Fruit Acid Peel

What is Fruit Acid?

Fruit Acid are designed to make you look younger by eliminating the appearance of skin imperfections such as sunspots and acne scars.

Fruit Acid have been clinically proven to increase the texture of your skin, decrease acne scarring, and help your skin produce more collagen. These are very important factors in keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful.

The treatment itself can take about an hour. A solution is applied to the skin as a treatment mask.  The peel is either removed at the end of the treatment or left on to self-neutralize.

The acids in the peel work to dissolve the top layers of the skin creating a controlled wound and thus allowing the skin to regenerate itself. There can a downtime with this treatment and that can last anywhere between 4-6 days.

Treatment plans are advised once a thorough consultation along with a skin analysis is done with one of our certified technicians.

Eliminating the Appearance of Skin Imperfections

  • Keeping your skin looking healthy and youthful
  • Treatment takes about an hour