whAT are pdo thread lifts?

A gentle treatment for restoring the firmness of the vagina and enhancing sexual pleasure

  • an effective treatment for vaginal relaxation
  • incisionless, minimally invasive
  • no anesthesia needed
  • walk-in/walk-out procedure

What is IntimaLase®?

IntimaLase® delivers patented Fotona SMOOTH® laser pulses to the surface of the vagina and vulva. These pulses are specially engineered to produce a mild heating effect, which in turn stimulates the formation of new collagen and strengthens the tissue, giving a firmer and tighter quality. IntimaLase® has been shown to increase sexual pleasure and positively affect the overall quality of life in treated women.


How does IntimaLase® work?

  • mild heating and tightening of the vaginal mucosa tissue
  • shrinkage and thickening of the connective tissue in the vaginal wall

Unique advantages of IntimaLase®

For the majority of cases, three sessions of IntimaLase® with a one-month interval are sufficient to achieve noticeable results. No special pre-op preparations or post-op precautions are necessary. You can immediately return to your normal everyday activities. Additional advantages of IntimaLase® are that the procedure is incisionless and virtually painless. Recovery is extremely quick without need for the use of analgesics or antibiotics.