Dermal Fillers

Are you looking to reverse signs of aging or simply enhance your natural beauty?

Here at Ivy Laser clinic we don’t just simply inject dermal filler. We have developed an anti-aging program using different types of fillers in conjunction with other services to tailor to our client’s needs. Dermal filler results are as good as the skill of your injector.With over 10+ of experience in the cosmetic world, our injectors will bring you the latest and most advanced techniques that are being used today worldwide.  Ivy Laser Clinic has only nurse practitioners and registered nurses that inject our clients to build their enhancements. Our clinic also educates many doctors and nurses to become cosmetic injectors using the most skilled and up-to-date methods in the industry.

We thrive on continuously evolving our skills and methods to make sure we are not only bringing you the best products but also long lasting results. At Ivy laser clinic we like to address all types of volume deficiencies, facial lines and folds. Our injectors use the best filler in the industry known as Stylage. As we age, our face loses bone, fat, elastin and collagen under the skin. Dermal fillers can restructure the face to restore symmetry, add volume, ensure proportion and minimize undesirable features. A youthful appearance is not only defined by the tightness of the skin, but also enhancing facial fullness.

The dermal filler used at Ivy Laser clinic is a non-permanent hyaluronic acid based product. Hyaluronic acid is known as a natural occurring sugar within the body, in which the dermal filler would be recognized. It is designed as an injectable to enhance features of the face such as lips, cheeks, smoothen fine lines and wrinkles, correct asymmetry, as well as enhance facial contour such as jawline and cheekbones. Thus resulting in a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

Dermal fillers are not a permanent solution, and last between 6-18months. Depending on the treated area. You may need multiple sessions to achieve your goal, until you reach a maintenance phase.

We offer complimentary consultations to discuss questions and concerns, expectations of aesthetic results, cost, as well as work together to develop a tailored treatment plan.


  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Minimal downtime with instant results
  • Reversible with a natural enzyme (hyaluronidase)
  • Affordable and natural results
  • Enhances effects of botulinum toxin (muscle relaxing agent to prevent wrinkles and folds


  • Plump the lips
  • Enhance your cheekbones
  • Build a strong chin
  • Define your jawline
  • Lift the jowls
  • Minimize the nasal labial folds
  • Erase the eye bags
  • Create a heart shaped face
  • Hide a bump on the nose

The options with dermal filler are limitless! Share your concerns, and learn more on how to naturally enhance your beauty at Ivy Laser Clinic

How does it work?

  • Dermal filler needs to be injected under the skin in different planes of the tissue to achieve desired results. The cosmetic injector will either use a needle technique or a more advanced method known as the cannula technique. At Ivy Laser Clinic we strive for safety by using our knowledge in anatomy, as well as the best methods that avoid procedural complications.

    Step 1: Consultation and fill consent forms

    Step 2: Topical numbing agent in region of injection (approx 15-30mins)

    Step 3: Landmark and Fill

    Step 4: Fall in love with your results!

    To make note, it takes approximately 2 weeks for dermal filler to settle and take form. After 2 weeks it will ease into feeling like natural tissue. You can expect swelling and sometimes bruising at the site of injection which will last <1 week. Feel free to ask us about the cannula technique to minimize your downtime!